About Us

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Why did we decide to start MagickTea?

The reason is simple. My partner and I couldn't believe that so many people didn't know about the benefits of Palo Azul.

I discovered this magical tea when I had kidney stones at 24 years old. I tried going to three different doctors, but nothing that they gave me was working and I just couldn't stand the pain…it was unbearable! So, I researched for remedies tirelessly until I found several articles claiming that Palo Azul could help remedy kidney stones.

Not only did I HEAL COMPLETELY by drinking Palo Azul! But I also noticed that the back pain I had always suffered from was no longer bothering me as much. Due to my curiosity, I found several medical studies that confirmed all the incredible properties of this tea!

Ever since then, I personally prepare Palo Azul for my family and it’s become my mission to share the miraculous health benefits of Palo Azul.

That's why me and my partner decided to create MagickTea

To share the magic of Palo Azul and show you the key to YOUR health!

magicktea palo azul logo