How to make Palo Azul tea

palo azul tea instructions

Palo Azul Recipes

Generally, there’s two different recipes for how to make Palo Azul. We prefer the 20-30 minute boiling method. It’s easy, convenient, and does not require preparation before starting to boil. After boiling, wait for it to cool down a bit and you can drink it hot or cold. I usually drink it hot as soon as it’s prepared and I keep the rest at room temperature.

Another popular recipe is the macerating method. This can be ideal for you if you want to have your tea ready in just 5 minutes. The only inconvenience is that you have to macerate the Palo Azul for 8-12 hours before you can boil it.

Boiling Method

how to make palo azul tea

1.) Boil 1 liter of water and then add 2-3 pieces of palo azul bark (6 grams).

2.) Put a lid on the pan so it doesn't evaporate and let it boil for around 20-30 minutes, until you can see it turn blue or amber.

3.) Remove the palo azul bark from the water and here’s a little can reuse the palo azul 2 or 3 times and get even more magic out of them!

4.) Wait till it gets cold and enjoy the MagickTea!

Macerated Method

palo azul tea recipe

1.) Add 2-3 pieces of palo azul bark (6 grams) to 1 liter of water and leave it covered for 8-12 hours.

2.) Boil it for 5 minutes and then remove the bark from the water.

3.) Wait till it gets cold enough to drink and enjoy the MagickTea!

You could also drink it without boiling it but in our experience, the water achieves a bluer color when it’s boiled and this also implies a higher concentration of flavonoids...which is what we want :)

* Flavonoids are natural compounds responsible for many of the benefits of Palo Azul and its blue fluorescence as well.

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  • Muchas gracias, es la mejor explicacion de miles que e revisado en internet, muy agradecido! Saludos.

    victor hugo
  • Thank you for the recipes, I used to boil it for 1 hour now it’s much easier for me to just leave it sitting overnight and it still turns blue

    Santiago Vergara

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