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How much Palo Azul should you drink?

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It depends on your goal...

We recommend that you drink between 3-6 cups a day every day. This of course will depend on your goal, your gender, weight, and the amount of exercise you do.

palo azul how much to drinkpalo azul how much to drinkpalo azul how much to drink

What is your goal?

If your goal is to lose weight, we recommend that you drink about 4 cups daily to get enough potency from palo azul’s flavonoids, which studies have proven to be effective for burning fat and reducing abdominal fat.

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For general health, you can drink 1-3 cups daily and enjoy all the healing powers of palo azul consistently.

If your goal is to relieve pain from an ailment, it is recommended that you drink more than usual (4 or more cups daily) for the first week to get more potency from its healing benefits and relieve your pain more quickly.

To pass a drug test, you should drink even more palo azul (4 liters daily) to ensure that its diuretic potency cleanses your system completely.

Here's our complete guide to pass your drug test with palo azul tea

palo azul to pass drug test

Gender and Weight

Generally, men have to drink more palo azul because they are genetically predisposed to maintain more muscle mass and are therefore heavier on average. Heavier people will require more palo azul (or any food) to obtain the same healing effects as a lighter person.


If your goal is to lose weight or detoxify your body and cleanse your would be ideal to add cardiovascular exercise to your routine. When we exercise, the body eliminates toxins in the body and our system cleanses itself without the need for food or detoxification products.

This means that the more exercise you do, the less you will need to drink palo azul (or any detox) to cleanse your system.

Palo Azul has no known side effects

We’ve reviewed every medical study about palo azul that we could get our hands on and none of the studies have documented any side effects. Also, it has zero calories so you could drink it all day instead of water (I do that some days)! The key is to be consistent and take it every day so that the healing effects are always in effect.

Not only will it cure your body, but it will also preemptively protect you from the pains and diseases associated with its healing properties.

I personally drink more Palo Azul than water during the day:). I love this tea and it makes me feel healthy, so I prepare around 10 liters at a time and I keep it in a jar or container.

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This usually lasts about 3 or 4 days and makes me feel better than ever! :)

It’s perfect for me because I live with my family and so I share the tea with them too and when friends come over they’re always surprised by the striking blue color and ask me about it. Of course, I offer them some as well and sometimes they like it so much that we go deep into conversation about all the benefits, properties, medical studies and why they have never heard of this tea in their lives!

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How do you drink your palo azul?

Let us know in the comments!

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So, true, you can drink it all day, I first started to drink it for my kidneys, and then I had a doctors appointment, I knew I was getting better because my kidneys no longer hurt, but when He Told Me that my weight was 143 from 164, I was totally , totally SHOCKED!!!!!!! Thank you so very much, since I have been sick it is so difficult to lose also with my age. So Thank you so much!!!!!

Juanita Rangel

Love it!


This tea really helps, l recommend it to anyone having pain.

Connie Salazar Gonzalez

How much is Palo Azul and how many is in the bag are the sticks better than the tea bags


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